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My name is Paul Agustinovich, and I welcome you to the website for my private psychotherapy practice in San Mateo, California.

By arriving at this site, you’ve made a decision to do something about your life and the way you feel.

The first step is not always easy. Chances are, you feel as if something in your life’s not working the way it could. You may be feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed from job stress, or wondering how to improve your relationship with an intimate partner, friends, family members, co-workers, or boss. Or you’re trying to make sense out of life and discover what makes life meaningful for you. I commend for you taking this first step!

When you reach a point in your life where you need some help, you want to talk with someone you trust and with whom you feel comfortable. While the support of a good friend or family members can be helpful, a professional therapist has the skills and training to help you learn to manage when you’re overwhelmed… so you can become your own best source of support.

Psychotherapy is about your pain being heard and understood. This better enables you to let go of negative beliefs about yourself that aren’t bringing you happiness. It’s about taking control of your life, making the right choices for you, creating positive, lasting changes and most of all, peace of mind.

About My Therapy Practice and How I Can Help

Most psychotherapists agree, an important factor in determining whether or not to work with a particular therapist is your level of personal comfort and safety with them.

So, please allow me to tell you a little about myself and my practice…

I’ve been practicing psychotherapy for over twenty years and have spent the past decade working primarily with individual adults and couples.

My specialty is working with adults who’ve experienced some sort of trauma or abuse, especially those who were abused as children – emotionally, sexually, or physically. Almost always this abuse has resulted in a negative belief about self and relationships.

I also work with couples who want to better or save their relationship. Living in the Bay Area, demanding work schedules, and providing for the family all add to stressful living and sometimes burn-out and depression. Under these conditions, couples may experience tension and disconnection. I focus and attend to each person’s vulnerability, and I provide an understanding of how the relationship is affected by them.

A large percentage of the clients I work with are high-tech professionals. I am familiar with the stresses and challenges facing this population: long days, difficult work schedules, difficult managers and co-workers. Many often need help navigating burn-out issues, relationship difficulties, or coping with the high-paced nature of Silicon Valley life. Also, there is much ethnic and cultural diversity amongst this population. Adapting and assimilating to American life brings its own challenges.

These clients are quite intelligent, intuitive and creative. During my work with them they often discover hidden talents – such as a gift for introspection or the ability to negotiate others’ opposing points of view – that they were unaware of, or didn’t know how to use effectively, prior to our work together.

I am a humanistic, interactive therapist who draws on a variety of techniques to help my clients achieve their goals. Humanistic is defined here as dealing with the essence of the person – the values and characteristics that best define you as an individual – and using them to attain your own power and vitality as a person.

I work collaboratively with clients, freely sharing any observations and insights I have during the course of our work together. And I’m committed to helping clients overcome the roadblocks to their personal empowerment and success.

While I’m not able to create the situations in your life you desire, you can!

I commend you for taking this first step. Making the decision to seek professional therapy takes courage. Allowing another person to work closely with you during a vulnerable time in your life is difficult. But the therapy services I offer can help you create the change you seek!

To schedule a free phone consultation, ask any questions, or set up an appointment, please call me at 650-348-0755 or e-mail me at I look forward to speaking with you.